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Wind Turbines Facts-n-Figures

* A wind turbine is a device for converting the kinetic energy in wind into the mechanical energy of a rotating shaft.

* A turbine is a device for converting the energy in a moving fluid into mechanical rotating energy.

* Wind turbines only take velocity or kinetic energy out of the wind. It's only the kinetic energy of the moving air molecules that we can convert to mechanical energy.

* The cost-effectiveness of wind machines is increasing steadily.

* RGJ International SA provides you with 7 different size wind turbines to meet your every need.

# 1 Rain Water Recuperation System

Home & Garden 1 10000 Liters

Home & Garden 1 5000 Liters

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1KW Wind Turbine 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V DC €1450,00
Using a unique Permanent Magnet Generator, combined with Hi-Spec Wind Turbine Blade Sets, these furling turbines create very useful power in low wind conditions, and over 1000W in winds of 12.5m/s.
These UK made wind turbines are suitable for battery charging, water/air heating and Grid-Tie installations.

  • Mechanically furling tail fin for high wind protection
  • Unique high-spec Permanent Magnet Generator
  • 5 top-grade glass filled nylon turbine blades
  • Sealed bearings in mast-mounting shaft
  • 60 Amp rated slip-ring prevents cable-twisting
  • Aerodynamic profile design
  • Patented anti-vibration locking washers
  • Rugged and simple, with a minimum of parts and simplicity of design
  • Zinc-plated and Stainless Steel with powder-coated and anodised aluminium for optimal corrosion and weather resistance

  • Click Here for Technical Specifications.

    Xantrex C60 Diversion and Load Controller


    For use in Battery-Based systems, these rugged charge controllers offer protection against overcharging when used with our wind turbines.  The Xantrex C60 is capable of handling charging currents of 60A, and is suitable for use with battery banks of 12V and 24V only. 
    In order to use either of these controllers with your Turbine and Battery Bank, you will require a suitable dump load for connection to the C60.  These dump loads are shown below, and can be bought separately if required.

    The following number of dump loads are required with each of the following battery voltages.

    For 12V systems use only the C60 and 2 Dump Loads (in parallel)

    For 24V systems use only the C60 and 1 Dump Load

    The C60 C-Series controllers can be used with 12-volt, or 24-volt DC systems (depending upon model) as a Charge Controller or a Load Controller.
    Numerous features are provided standard to maximize the performance of the system:

    • Solid-state Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) charging process with three-stage control, temperature compensation, and manual or automatic equalization to maximize system performance and increase battery life.

    • Multi color LED with easy to read mode/status label.

    • Electronic overload and short-circuit protection with automatic and manual reset capability increases the reliability of unattended systems by eliminating blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers.

    • Adjustment of charge setpoints is provided by rotary controls (potentiometers) with removable knobs.

    • Calibrated scales and test points allow precise adjustments of settings.

    • Protection of the electronic circuitry when used in hot environments, over 113F/45 C.

    • 2-year limited warranty

    Dump Load for use with Battery Charging Wind Turbine Systems

    DUMP LOAD - €157,33


    For use with the Xantrex charge controllers above, this dump load is effectively a very high power air heating element.  The C60 charge controllers are used in 'Load Diversion' mode, and as such, they dissipate any unwanted power into these dump loads when your battery bank becomes fully charged.  It is vital to use a charge controller to prevent damage to your batteries, especially if you leave your system unattended for long periods of time, and without loading your batteries with an inverter, or other suitable device. 
    These dump loads should be mounted as close as possible to your C60 charge controller.  They should be mounted in free circulating air, and not in an enclosed space.  The power connection blocks are made of solid brass, and all cabling used should be securely connected using the bolts provided.  Please ensure that you choose the correct number of dump loads for the battery bank voltage you are charging. 
    See above for details.

    Complete 1 KW Wind Turbine Kit €1850,00
    + shipping (+/-) €75 UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany

    Includes everything on this page. SAVE €116,00
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