Solar Energy

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* The energy that the sun continuously irradiates on the earth is equal to 10.000 times the worldwide energetic requirements!

* Between all the energetic sources available to us, the sun represents the more long-lasting energetic source by far, with a life expectation of billions of years.

* Demand for solar cells is unquestionably robust, the price of oil is trending higher, and solar tax credits will likely be extended.

* Solar energy continues to show the most momentum of all the alternative energy segments.

* The use of solar energy is versatile; it is used for electricity, central heating, hot water, cooking, for producing salt and even for desalination

Solar Energy Calculator

Off-Grid & Grid-Tie Energy System Minimum System Size Calculator

Database of state incentives for renewables and efficiency.
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# 1 Rain Water Recuperation System

Home & Garden 1 5000 Liters

Home & Garden 1 5000 Liters

# 1 Wind Turbine

UK made Upwind Turbine

Solar Kits for Camping Cars, Boats, Cabins, RVs, etc.
200W Solar Garden Starter Kit - €350.00
Can Provide 6 hrs. Radio + Lighting

300W Solar Garden Basic Kit - €475.00
Can Provide 6 hrs. Radio + Lighting

600W Solar Garden Standard Kit - €730.00
Can Provide 6 hours refrigerator + 12 hours lighting + 6 hours Television

1.2 KW Solar Garden Premium Kit - €1700.00

2.8 KW Solar Garden Profi Kit - €3550.00
No need to be connected to the electricity grid with this kit.