Rain Water Recuperation Facts-n-Figures

The Average person uses on average 150 to 200 litres of water per day.

The average price of a m3 of water is €3.40 & rising steadily.

Water Restrictions are becoming more & more common.

Increases in the price of water is expected to be 10% per annum for the next 10 years.

The average household of 4 people spend €500 to €700 per year on water.

Our Tanks have an Outstanding 25 year Guarantee.

Rain-Water Recuperation

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# 1 Rain Water Recuperation System

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Domestic Water Purification Station

Rain Water Filtration for the whole house


Purely physical purification process, associated with a filtration destroying microorganisms that can cause disease or affect a manufacturing process. This treatment is carried out by the germicidal effect of UV lights, eliminating microbes, viruses, bacteria and fungi, in respect of the environment.



- 316 L stainless steel treatment chamber construction
- Equipped with an electrical control box with meter

- The above debits expressed according to a transmission coefficient of 98% over 1 cm, for a germicidal dose delivered from 40 mJ / cm2 up to 25 mJ / cm2 at the end of lamp life and the most unfavorable of the device.

- Power supply: 220/230 V.

- Transparent quartz sheath with a wavelength of 253.7 nm.

- PHILIPS low pressure UV lamp

- Presence of a visual indicator of operation of the lamp.




Flow m3/hr




Solo 36

1.4 à 2

¾ “

36 W

2 x 9" 3/4

Solo 55

2 à 3.3

¾ “

55 W

2 x 9" 3/4

Solo 95

3.6 à 5.8


95 W

2 x 20"


- An peep hole to control light and a UV alarm

- A plug to connect a solenoid valve

- A counter for running time

- On/Off switch

- Protection by fuse


- UV measuring and alarm sms

- Hydraulic safety solenoid valve in case of electricity failure or lamp failure


Dimensions : 560 * 480 * 150 mm



- Presented on stand-alone stage easily removable and transportable
- Integrated filtration adaptable according to the quality of the water to be treated.
- Low maintenance cost limited to changing the lamp and filter cartridges
- Reliability and safety of use
Meets the strictest sizing standards and design for complete disinfection of water
intended for human consumption (according to the Ministerial of Health of January 19, 1987)
- Without side effects
Mineral content preserved
No residual product chemical generated

Designation Reference Price
 Solo 36W 1000 €1910 
 Solo 55W 1001 €2000
 Solo 95W 1002 €2450