Solar Energy


* The energy that the sun continuously irradiates on the earth is equal to 10.000 times the worldwide energetic requirements!

* Between all the energetic sources available to us, the sun represents the more long-lasting energetic source by far, with a life expectation of billions of years.

* Demand for solar cells is unquestionably robust, the price of oil is trending higher, and solar tax credits will likely be extended.

* Solar energy continues to show the most momentum of all the alternative energy segments.

* The use of solar energy is versatile; it is used for electricity, central heating, hot water, cooking, for producing salt and even for desalination

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Solar Energy Products

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Amorphous Solar Panels
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Solar Panel Mounting Systems

# 1 Wind Turbine

UK made Upwind Turibine

RGJ Power removes the capital barriers to renewable energy making installing solar on your property as simple as receiving a monthly RGJ Power bill.
Available in France, Italy and The USA.
Solar InstallationZERO Up Front Costs

An RGJ Power agreement allows you to utilize the power produced by the solar energy system installed on your building. We issue a monthly power bill just like your utility company and offer you a very competitive rate for your total energy usage.
Zero up front costs. Stay connected to the grid. No hidden maintenance costs.

Predictable Electricity Pricing

Commercial Solar InstallationRGJ Power will install a solar energy system on your property with zero up front costs at the same time providing you with a predictable power rate below your current market peak pricing rate for 10 - 15 years. Guaranteed.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

RGJ Power provides a single point of contact from start to finish of the project and continuing throughout the life of the contract. This allows you to easily access our maintenance, warranty service and technological expertise.

Certified Systems

We back our installed systems with a certified production guarantee. We conduct scheduled bi-annual maintenance, systems tune ups, 24/7 online monitoring, and provide a single point of contact for service calls due to unexpected outages.

Get started today! It's as easy as 1,2,3

1. Site Review, System Design and Construction

RGJ Power will assess your property, buildings or parking lots to determine their solar production capacity and we will analyze energy needs to design the optimal solar energy system for you. We then manage the entire construction process providing you with the highest quality certified solar energy system.

2. Maintenance, Ownership, Operation and Warranty

Go GreenSince RGJ Power finances the project, it is responsible for the smooth operation of the system for its projected life. We use only certified equipment to provide our clients with best in class systems. We monitor the system 24/7 - 365 days a year to make sure that you receive the maximum benefits from the system. RGJ Power also is your single point of contact for all service and warranty issues. We dispatch certified technicians for anything from routine maintenance to unexpected outages.

3. Savings and Publicity

This is the best part. Starting the first day of operation you will not only be able to market your use of clean renewable energy to your clients, neighbors, etc. and the public but you will see the savings start coming in.