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* Cote d Azur Clicks officially launches, August 17th 2008! and now has over 2500 members.

* RGJ International SA currently in talks with DiSanto & Associates to ship our products to the US.

*RGJ International SA has closed

*RGJ International SA is proud to introduce Raymond Jones as our World-Wide Sales Director.

# 1 Rain Water Recuperation System

Home & Garden 1 5000 Liters

Home & Garden 1 5000 Liters



Carbon Offset neutralizes the impact of greenhouse gas emission. Everyday, our actions consume energy and produce carbon dioxide emissions (ie: driving our cars, holiday flights, powering on the computer, etc.).
Do your part, and offset your carbon footprint today.

Purchase of carbon offsets are used to fund renewable energy projects seeking to reduce carbon emissions. The renewable energy projects range from protection of natural resources, driving economic expansion, purchase of RECs, to reducing foreign energy dependence through research.

Benefits of Renewable Energy Projects

  • Health Improvement in the home as a result of lower greenhouse gas pollution.
  • Better preservation of forests, which are an important habitat for wildlife.
  • Reforestation projects contribute to a better ecosystem as trees absorb carbon dioxide as they reach maturity.


    At RGJ International SA we are focused on increasing awareness of the effects of global warming and believe that by sharing our cause that we can decrease the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. By acting now, we can slow the alterations to our climate and our ecosystems. Contributions via RGJ International SA go towards reducing or offsetting your carbon footprint and beyond. With RGJ International SA your actions will put you at the forefront of battling to protect our most precious natural resources. Acting now can help in a plethora of ways; each purchase drives economic expansion for renewable technologies, helps to eliminate our foreign dependency for energy sources, and supports a healthy environment for everyone. So join us today! By grouping together we can start to build a more sustainable future.